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Hydensiq Digital Agency Among Top B2B Service Providers on UpCity!

Hydensiq Digital Agency is thrilled to officially announce that we are a part of the UpCity community of top B2B service providers! At Hydensiq Digital Agency, we specialize in generating leads and creating measurable results for our clients. We give each and every client the time required to fully understand …

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5 Tips to Grow a Long-Lasting Online Brand

Some brands are instantly recognizable. You can probably think of a few that really stand out. But, many companies struggle to build something that’s timeless, and it can be challenging. This becomes even more difficult with online brands. There’s so much competition out there and it’s hard to get customers …

Online Business Presence
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3 Key Points to Help Your Business Stay Visible and Relevant Online

The world of digital media is fast-paced. So being relevant and visible means you have to stay involved with it. Knowing which platforms work best for your business, and how to approach them, makes a big difference. But this isn’t about responding to fads or trying to juggle all the …

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How To Get Started On Your WordPress Website

WordPress is known as the most popular website builder in the world, powering 33% of websites on the internet. But before you install WordPress, you’ll need a domain name and a good web hosting company.  There are a lot of options available when it comes to web hosting companies for …

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WooCommerce Setup: Easy 5 Step Starter Guide

Here is our guide to help you with your WooCommerce Setup. Just follow these 5 steps and you will be ready to sell online in no time! #HydensiqDigital

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Mobile-First or Responsive Web Design: Which is Right For You?

What is the difference between mobile-first website design and responsive website design? Which is right for your business? To find answers to these questions, you need to know who your audience is, how they interact with your website. Are they predominantly viewed using mobile devices or desktop? How fast is …

Hydensiq - Branding 101
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Branding 101: Definitive Branding Guide For Small Businesses

Okay, so you have a great business idea. Now what? Branding. Great branding will rocket your great business idea into a big success. This is where the real work starts. Great branding is at the core of every successful business. It tells your customers who you are, what you’re about, …

Digital Marketing 2020 Trends
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5 Must-Have Digital Marketing Strategies in 2020

The rate of how fast technologies are changing each day is daunting, yet liberating with new opportunities. It’s more important now than ever to stay up-to-date with the technological changes and keep your digital marketing strategies current. Here are the top 5 Digital Marketing trends of 2020. 1. Mobile is …

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K.I.S.S: Why simple is better for your Brand design

Let’s find out the science behind “Keep it simple stupid” and how it can help in creating effective brand designs for all your digital marketing efforts. According to research conducted by Google in 2012, users consistently rated websites with simple visuals as more aesthetically pleasing, than the more complex counterparts. …

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How to leverage Social Media influencers for your Brand

With today’s social media platforms, the voices of consumers are louder than ever. This effectively shifted the balance of power between brands and consumers. In fact, with the growing popularity of online shopping, customer reviews and peer recommendations have greater influence in purchasing decisions than ever before. So how can …

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